Comcast reportedly not interested in spectrum from T-Mobile, Sprint

The company doesn't seem interested in Boost Mobile either.

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Comcast isn't interested in Sprint, T-Mobile or Boost Mobile.

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Comcast reportedly isn't keen on picking up any of the pieces that might shake out of T-Mobile and Sprint's $26.5 billion merger.

"We do not have an interest in acquiring divested spectrum from the Sprint/T-Mobile transaction," Comcast told CNBC on Friday.

This follows a Bloomberg report that said the Justice Department spoke with Comcast and Charter about interest in airwaves the two wireless carriers may divest in order to get their merger approved. Comcast already offers wireless service through Xfinity Mobile, which uses Verizon's network. Last July, Comcast said it was slowing down data consumption for Xfinity Mobile customers to maintain prices.

Comcast is also steering clear of Boost Mobile , according to CNBC. T-Mobile has agreed to divest Boost Mobile, Sprint's prepaid provider, as part of the merger deal.

Comcast may not be interested, but Amazon might be willing to take it. The e-commerce giant reportedly wants Boost  because it would mean Amazon could use T-Mobile's wireless network for the next six years.

Comcast didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Federal Communications Commission gave the go-ahead on the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, but the DOJ still has to approve it. The DOJ reportedly wants the pair to create a new wireless competitor with its own network.

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