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Comcast Xfinity Mobile will throttle your hotspot speeds and lower video resolution

Even Xfinity Unlimited customers will feel the data squeeze.

Comcast To Launch Video Streaming Service Called Stream

A Comcast Xfinity internet service van.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Comcast announced that it's taking some steps to slow down data consumption for its Xfinity Mobile customers.

The service now defaults all video to 480p resolution when streaming over cellular data. It will also limit personal hotspotting to 3G (600kbps) for Unlimited customers. Previously, Xfinity Mobile customers had access to 4G hotspots and 720p video resolution.

Comcast confirmed the changes to CNET in this statement:

"We're making two changes to our service to help us maintain the low price point of Xfinity Mobile. First, we're establishing 480p as the default resolution for streaming video over cellular data on Xfinity Mobile, which is consistent with standard unlimited plans across carriers. It's important to note that this change won't impact video resolution when using Wi-Fi, where customers will continue to be able to stream in HD. Second, we're setting personal hotspotting at 3G speeds for all Unlimited customers, which will allow customers to continue to do many of the things they enjoy doing online. Our By the Gig data option will continue to deliver 4G speeds for all data traffic."

These changes will be rolling out over the coming weeks, according to Comcast.

Comcast Xfinity Mobile is the internet service provider's cellular plan (powered by Verizon's network) which includes talk, text and mobile data. Xfinity Mobile is split into two plans: Unlimited for $45 a month or Pay By the Gig for $12 per GB.

After Comcast announced the new throttling policy to its customers, one customer reportedly posted the announcement to Reddit.

HD video streaming at 720p will be available to Xfinity Mobile customers who pay an additional fee (Comcast didn't say how much) later this year, according to the Reddit announcement and confirmed to CNET.

Comcast says that these new throttling policies reflect what some of the other cellular data providers are doing. For example, Verizon's Go Unlimited plan and T-Mobile One plan also limit your mobile hotspot to 3G (but you can get 4G if you pay to upgrade your plan). You can check out CNET's guide here to compare unlimited plans from different carriers.