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Apple reportedly agrees to pay France nearly $600M in back taxes

The deal was made at the end of December, according to French media.

France has millions in back taxes coming to it from Apple.
Chesnot / Getty Images

Apple reached a deal with French authorities to back-pay 500 million euros ($571 million) in taxes, reports said.

The Cupertino, California, company's French branch confirmed the tax agreement to Reuters on Tuesday, without revealing how much it would pay.

However, French magazine L'Express reported the sum and noted that the deal was made at the end of December.

In December, French finance minister Bruno Le Maire said his country would start taxing tech giants at a national level if European Union countries couldn't agree on a joint tax on digital revenues. 

Last May, Apple handed over the first billion in a $15 billion Irish tax fine ordered by the EU in 2016.

Neither Apple nor the French tax authorities immediately responded to requests for comment.

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