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Fortnite Season 5, week 7 challenges revealed: Here's how to complete them

This week we have a few challenges we've come to expect -- and a tweak that should make one of them more fun.


Fortnite: Battle Royale's season 5, week 7 challenges are finally here. Mysteriously, Epic Games delayed their usual rollout schedule this week, pushing Fortnite's weekly patch to Thursday and the new challenges to Friday. 

As Fortnite fans know, completing challenges unlocks tiers in your Battle Pass, giving you rewards like emotes, sprays, dances and other in-game items. This week, many of the challenges will be familiar to long-time Fortnite players, but as is the case every week, some surprises still remain.

If you're still working on last week's challenges, you'll find our season 5, week 6 guide here.

What makes the delay particularly interesting is that there were similar delays at the end of season 4, when Epic surprised players with the Rocket Launch. That event changed major parts of the Fortnite map, opening up new areas to explore, new vehicles and more. While we don't know why Epic changed the schedule this time around, we'll find out how the end of season 5 unfolds over the coming weeks.

But enough with the speculation. Let's check out this week's challenges, which include three freebies for those without the Battle Pass and four more missions for those who have it.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

How to visit different named locations in a single match

This is one we've seen before, where each named location has a flag at the center and you have to approach it and "check in" at that location. The hard part about this one is you have to do all four in a single match. You never know which direction the bus will be facing, so your best bet is to start the game, check out the map and land where there are four locations close together. It might take a few tries, but playing a 50 vs. 50 game mode will probably be your best bet.

How to search supply drops  

While Epic Games doesn't list this one as hard, getting to supply drops without being killed can be a real challenge. With this one I'm probably going to just get them and grab the guaranteed gold loot over the course of the week naturally as I play. But if you're really trying to get through them quickly, enter a 50 vs. 50 game and head to the circle to try to grab all three when the mass supply drops happen towards the end of the game.

How to get SMG eliminations

This challenge will obviously rely on how good you are at shooting in general, but should be pretty easy even though it's listed as hard. SMGs have become much more accurate over the course of this season and I'll often take them over any shotgun for close to midrange battles. All of the SMGs are pretty powerful, so pick whichever you prefer of the standard, suppressed or compact SMGs and concentrate using that gun during every firefight.

How to deal damage to structures with remote explosives

The hardest thing about this challenge is finding remote explosives on a consistent basis, but you can do this one in any game mode. In the standard game modes, as you move towards the center of the circle, attach remote explosives to anything (like stairs, or structures from early battles) built by your opponents and detonate. You could also play 50 vs. 50 and sneak behind enemy lines to blow up a megastructure. Either way, this one will mostly rely on whether you can find remote explosives.

How to do Stage 1: Search a chest in Pleasant Park

Until now, the search for chest challenges have been in a single named location so everyone had to make a mad dash to a town or area and compete with everyone else to grab chests. Instead, Epic has made it better by introducing stages. Start this challenge by finding any chest in Pleasant Park, then move on to the next stage to find a chest in another area for a total of five different chests. It might take a few games to complete this one, but at least you won't be competing with a pack of other players now that it's done in stages. Here's a map to show where each stage is:

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET
Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

How to follow the treasure map in Dusty Divot

This one might take a while if you had to search for the map, then figure out where the Battle Star was located, but I did the dirty work and found where it is. You'll want to drop in to an area just north and west of Dusty Divot, right in the middle of three trees that sit just south of the river bend. 

How to eliminate opponents in Lazy Links

This one will be difficult because everyone is going to be doing it at once. If you're confident, you can dive directly there in a solo match and just start shooting. But if you're a little more cautious like me, you might try dropping into the parking lot north of Lazy Links hoping to find good weapons before diving in. The other, more cautious option is to hit the motel to the northwest of the Links first, gear up completely, then come in blazing. In other words, this one might take a few tries, but shouldn't take too many games to get your kills. 

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