Peloton launching in-app fitness video game called Lanebreak

Peloton is looking to enter the video game scene.

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Shelby Brown

Lanebreak is a new way for people to stay engaged in fitness, according to Peloton.


Exercise equipment company Peloton is creating an in-app video game to get people exercising. The game is tentatively called Lanebreak and will be available for Peloton Bike and Bike Plus subscribers. 

The music-based game, reported earlier by The Verge, involves people controlling an on-screen wheel avatar and meeting goals by changing their biking speed, resistance and more. You'll be able to customize different difficulty levels, duration and music.

Watch this: Lanebreak Is a Video Game Workout for Peloton Bikes

"Peloton created Lanebreak to complement instructor led classes with a fresh new experience for members, giving them more ways to stay engaged and motivated with their workouts," Pelton said in a release.

While the game isn't available yet, a members-only beta will open later this year. with a full launch in early 2022.