Netflix Keeps Crashing on Roku TV

Get Netflix back up and running on your Roku TV with these simple steps.

Alex Huebner
2 min read

If your Roku TV has been crashing while you're trying to relax by watching the latest Netflix hit, you're not alone. It seems to be an ongoing error many Roku users are experiencing with no word from Roku or Netflix on a permanent fix yet. When this happens, there are a few potential temporary solutions. We'll walk you through the steps for a few fixes to hopefully get you back up and running so you can dive in and sit down.

How to Fix Netflix Crashing on Roku TV

When you have an issue with any app on your Roku TV, it's a good idea to start with making sure the app is updated. To verify, you just need to highlight the app from the home menu and press the * button on the remote. This will pull up a popup of channel information with an option to Check for Updates.

If the app is updated and you're still encountering problems, your next step should be clearing the cache. The cache on the Roku TV is where temporary app data is stored. If you have many apps, you might have a lot of space being taken up here slowing down the function.

Before you begin, you will want to remove the Netflix app from the TV by highlighting it on your home menu, pressing the * Button on your remote and selecting Remove app. Then clear the cache one of two ways.

  • Go into the Settings menu, select System, and go to Power to get to the System Restart option.

    - OR -

  • Using your remote on the Home menu on the left side, press the Home button on the remote five times, Up Arrow once, Rewind twice, Fast Forward twice and wait for your TV to restart.

Either way should restart your TV and clear out your cache. Next, you will go to Add Channels and reinstall Netflix. From here you should be able to resume watching Netflix as normal.

Report the Issue to Roku


In some cases, the above solution hasn't fixed the issue. At the time of this article, Roku has a ticket tracking this problem open on Roku Community Discussions. As more people report the same situation, Roku asks users to comment on the discussion with some information. Here's what you'll need if you want to report your issue to Roku:

  • Model, serial number, device ID and software OS/version of your Roku device - Go to Settings, then find System and all of these numbers will be found in About.
  • Netflix version - Highlight Netflix from the Home menu and push the * button on your remote.
  • Tracker ID - When Netflix crashes, push the Home button on your remote five times, then the Back Arrow (not the rewind) five times to get an ID.
  • Steps you've already taken.