iFixit's Google Pixel Watch Teardown Reveals Repairability Promise and Concerns

A look at two big questions: What's inside? Is it repairable?

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Pixel Watch

Let's see what's inside the Pixel Watch.

James Martin/CNET

Google's first-generation Pixel Watch went under the knife in an iFixit teardown video on Wednesday, revealing a slightly messy-looking inside and a clear view that a least some parts of the watch should be repairable.

iFixit, which has partnered with Google to offer repair parts for Pixel phones, found the back plate is likely easily replaceable, while replacing the screen and other components required prying up the battery.

Sellers of high-priced tech devices have come under pressure from the right-to-repair movement, which says that people should be able to get authorized repairs for their devices at home or an independent repair shop. New York passed a law this summer requiring tech giants to supply repair data and tools to third parties.

Right-to-repair advocates say more options for repair can help lower high repair costs and reduce electronic waste that can be damaging to the environment.

Tech giants are starting to make self-repair more available, especially for newer models. Apple released self-repair tools for some newer MacBooks and MacBook Pros in August, with more to come later this year.

Apple's newest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Ultra, could be much more repairable than previous Apple Watches. iFixit's teardown of that watch, released earlier this year, highlighted that its back plate can be removed with just a screwdriver, making access to its interior easier with less potential for lasting damage.

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