CES 2019: Dyno smartwatch keeps parents connected to their kids for $149

Coolpad's new smartwatch is a kid tracker for parents and a fun watch for kids that lets them call or text pre-approved contacts on the go.

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There's no doubt technology has made it easier for parents to keep track of their children, but introducing them to a smartphone too early can be pricey as well as having its downsides. Which is why companies like Coolpad are hoping to hit a happy, cheaper medium with smartwatches.

The company's Dyno smartwatch launches at CES 2019. It's a clunky, colorful watch designed for kids between 4 and 9 years old that gives parents a better way to stay connected.

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The watch has rubber straps that come in pink and blue, and a round watch face that kids can customize from their wrist. For $149 it gives kids all the basic smartwatch capabilities like the step tracking and GPS, plus basic phone functions for calls and texts. Kids can call or text anyone on their list of pre-approved contacts, and add friends with the same watch (as long as the parent approves).

Aside from programming contacts, parents can track the exact location of their child through the Dyno app for Android or iOS and use geofencing to set up a "safe zone" for kids. Parents will receive an alert when the watch goes outside the established safe zone and another notification when the phone is back in the safe zone.

The Dyno smartwatch also has an SOS button on the side that kids can use to call emergency contacts or 911. The watch will first attempt to call the programmed contacts and calls 911 last if no one on the list answers.

The company also says that the watch was designed with privacy and safety in mind. Both the app and watch have been tested for vulnerabilities and comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

It will go about two and a half days on a charge via Micro-USB according to Coolpads. The Dyno smartwatch goes on sale on Jan. 28 for $149 plus a $10 monthly cellular service plan.

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