iOS 15 update fixes unlock with Apple Watch bug on iPhone 13

It's a must-have update for those who have both devices.

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Apple Watch and iPhone 13

The Apple Watch and the iPhone 13 have one less issue to worry about.

Angela Lang/CNET

Last week, Apple released its new iPhone 13, iOS 15 and WatchOS 8 for the Apple Watch. There was a little problem, however, with unlocking the latest phone. Apple released an update Friday to take care of that problem. 

Apple's iOS 15.0.1 is out, and it fixes a bug preventing the Apple Watch from unlocking the iPhone 13. It also fixed an incorrect alert that the storage was full in the Settings app and an issue where audio meditations could start a workout on the Apple Watch for some Fitness Plus subscribers

Unlocking an iPhone with an Apple Watch is a new feature the company came out with this year in iOS 14.5. It allows iPhone users to keep their mask on and still unlock their phone, without needing to activate Face ID or enter their passcode.

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To install iOS 15.0.1, head to the Settings app, tap on General and then Software Update. Choose "Download and Install" to begin the update. 

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