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Marantz Readies New 8K Cinema Receivers for 2022

The company is leaving the entry-level behind with a new line of luxury home cinema products.

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Ty Pendlebury
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Marantz Cinema 50 receiver on a dark entertainment unit

The Marantz Cinema 50 will be available from the end of the year for $2,500.


Marantz has unveiled six new components in its AV line, now called the Cinema range, with more 8K-compatible inputs, a sleeker design and prices starting at $1,200. 

All of the models -- bar the power amp -- include features such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding, HDMI 2.1 inputs and HEOS streaming built-in. Unlike sister brand Denon, which released its own line of AVRs last week, there are no longer any budget entries in the Marantz lineup. For example, the affordable range of slimline receivers released in previous years has been reduced to a single, $1,200 "top of the line" model.

The receivers share the same look of the earlier Model 30 and Model 40n with their convex end-pieces and choice of silver or black color schemes. Given Marantz is now owned by the same company as Bowers & Wilkins, it's not surprising they also share the "upside down" naming convention -- where the more basic models have the highest numbers. (The two brands have also made a great sonic pairing in the past.)


The slimline Marantz Cinema 70s.


The Marantz Cinema Series of AVRs is as follows:

Marantz Cinema 70s:

  • $1,200
  • 7.2 channel 
  • 50 watts per channel
  • HDMI inputs: 6; with 8K: 3

Marantz Cinema 60:

  • $1,700
  • 7.2 channel
  • 100 watts per channel
  • HDMI inputs: 6; with 8K: 3

Marantz Cinema 500:

  • $2,500
  • 11.4-channel processor, 9-channel amplifier
  • 110 watts per channel
  • HDMI inputs: 6; with 8K: 6

Marantz Cinema 400:

  • $3,500
  • 11.4-channel processor, 9-channel amplifier
  • 125 watts per channel
  • HDMI inputs: 7; with 8K: 7

While 8K is not really a thing yet, these receivers will be of special interest to gamers, as they should be able to pass 4K/120Hz video from an Xbox Series X or Nvidia graphics card.

The company also detailed a new pre-pro/power amp setup in the AV 10 ($7,000) and AMP 10 ($7,000), with seven HDMI inputs and 16 channels of amplification, respectively.

With the new range the company is launching itself back into the realm of luxury AV products -- inhabited by brands such as Anthem and Arcam -- and leaving Denon to fill in on the entry level. While the Marantz components offer classier looks and components such as the patented Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules, Denon typically offers similar sound quality and may be a better value overall.

The Cinema Series will become available from the end of October, starting with the Cinema 50 and 60.