Xbox One X preorders open, Project Scorpio Edition revealed

You can now preorder an Xbox One X.

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Sean Hollister
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The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.


If you're the kind of person who plunks down cash early for the latest, greatest game consoles, I hope you're paying attention: 

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The Project Scorpio Edition controller.


1. Microsoft just opened preorders for its new Xbox One X, the souped-up Xbox One with enough added muscle to play games at higher resolution, with faster load times and more graphical detail, coming November 7.

2. Microsoft just revealed the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, a limited-edition early adopter version of that console with a custom finish and special "Project Scorpio" branding on the console and controller, plus a free vertical stand, for the same $500 or £450 (roughly AU$630) you'll pay for the regular version. 

It's now on preorder, and will ship on November 7 too. Project Scorpio was the codename for the Xbox One X, and this is one way it'll live on.

3. Microsoft has a limited-edition Xbox One S that's Minecraft come to life. It looks like a bunch of grass and dirt blocks stacked together, you can see Redstone circuits visible through the transparent underside (fitting, because that's how you build computers in Minecraft!) and it comes with a Creeper controller. It'll be out October 3.


In addition to the Minecraft and Project Scorpio consoles, there'll also be a Middle-earth: Shadow of War bundle (right).


Microsoft says it now has 100 new and existing Xbox One games committed to playing better on Xbox One X, many but not all of which will play at 4K resolution if you've got a 4K TV. (We only counted 25 back when Microsoft revealed the Xbox One X, so there are quite a few more since the last time you checked our master Xbox One X post.) 

That doesn't mean they'll all be available right away, though -- for instance, the long-awaited Crackdown 3, previously an Xbox One X launch title, was recently delayed to spring 2018.

Watch this: Here's our first up-close encounter with the Xbox One X

Xbox chief marketing officer Mike Nichols couldn't give CNET a ballpark number for how many of the limited-edition Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition would be produced, but did say they should be available at some third-party retailers as well.

In related news, Microsoft says it will now be the official publishing partner for the Xbox version of PC smash hit PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -- which means its small Korean developer will now get sales, marketing and technical support from one of gaming's biggest names. PUBG, as the game is known, sold 6 million copies in just four months and just crossed 8 million, despite being a buggy, unfinished game.