Where to follow tonight's Sony PS4 E3 keynote on CNET

Sony has promised to show off more than 40 new games at its PlayStation 4 event at E3 tonight -- follow all the action on CNET from 1.30am.

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Nick Hide
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If you've not exhausted your liveblog quota for one evening by flicking between the Apple WWDC keynote and the Microsoft Xbox One presentation, Sony is kindly providing late-night entertainment in the form of its own PlayStation 4 event at the E3 games show.

CNET will be liveblogging and streaming the event here, starting at 1.30am Tuesday morning UK time, with the show itself kicking off at 2am. Join CNET editors Jeff Bakalar, Eric Franklin, Dan Ackerman, Scott Stein, Josh Miller and Roger Cheng live from Los Angeles -- you'll have to be keen.

It'll be the first time we've seen what the PlayStation 4 will actually look like, however, so it could be worth it. If you need your beauty sleep, have no fear -- we'll bring you a roundup with all the UK-related news tomorrow morning.

Sony is expected to show off "more than 40" new games, including Gran Turismo 6, Beyond: Two Souls, Infamous: Second Son, Wolfenstein and more of Killzone: Shadow Fall. Fingers crossed for The Last Guardian, too.

As Microsoft spent its Xbox One launch droning on about home entertainment and almost no games, Sony may devote some of its press conference to the non-gaming stuff it has planned for the PS4.

What are you hoping for a glimpse of? Does Sony already have the next generation sewn up? Are you just looking for a cure for insomnia? Join your fellow night owls in the comments below, or over on our open-all-hours Facebook page.

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