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Where to follow tonight's Apple WWDC keynote on CNET

Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference opens tonight with a keynote speech from main man Tim Cook. Here's where to follow all the action.

Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference opens tonight with a glitzy keynote speech from main man Tim Cook. CNET has swamped San Francisco's Moscone Center with reporters, photographers and camerapeople, with a full live blog and video show right here from 5.30pm UK time, with Mr Cook taking to the stage at 6pm.

Josh Lowensohn, Scott Stein, Dan Ackerman and Jason Parker will bring you all the action as it happens, along with colourful analysis and more than a few jokes about the music.

So what are we expecting? Despite the seven-month wait since Apple's last big shindig, a new iPhone or iPad are not on the cards. We may see new MacBooks, but the main event tonight is likely to be new versions of the company's iOS and OS X software.

Speculation has centred around Blue Peter badge-winner Sir Jony Ive's role in the development of iOS. Ive is known to favour a more abstract approach than iOS's current 'skeuomorphic' design, with icons that look like kitsch real-life objects such as calendars and gaming tables.

That means Apple watchers expect flatter, more off-beat icons in iOS 7, with rumours that it's ditched signal bars in favour of grey dots. We'll find out soon enough, but the software won't go out to users immediately -- Apple likes to give developers some time to prepare. While iOS 6 was announced this time last year, we didn't get our hands on its disastrous Maps until mid-September.

As for new Mac software, OS X 10.9 is tipped to integrate Siri, Apple's voice-controlled robot assistant. A music-streaming service called 'iRadio' is on the cards too, although I'd be surprised if that launched globally.

What are you hoping for this afternoon? Does Apple really need a huge overhaul of iOS, or is it fine as it is? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, or over on our abstract Facebook wall.