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This Xbox One X 1TB is hard to beat at just $260 (Update: Expired)

You'll be hard-pressed to find a better price, though this console is factory refurbished.


We see a lot of deals for the Xbox One S, but the powerful Xbox One X -- the console I feel the need to put on a fancier shirt to play -- sees fewer sale prices. That's why I'm excited about this exclusive deal for Cheapskate readers. DailySteals is offering an Xbox One X 1TB with wireless controller for $260 when you apply coupon code CNETXBX at checkout.

The trade-off is that this console is factory refurbished, but because Microsoft did the refurb, Daily Steals is including a full one-year warranty. For comparison, you can find an Xbox One X 1TB refurb on Amazon right now. The Amazon version is $20 more and isn't factory refurbished, so it only includes Amazon's shorter 90-day warranty.

By now, you surely know the details: The Xbox One X is the most powerful version of the console, equipped with a 2.3GHz CPU and able to play true 4K games (not simply upscaled 1080p games, like the Xbox One S does). And it's going to continue to be the best Xbox console until the Xbox Series X debuts (hopefully -- assuming the pandemic doesn't slow the process down) late this year. You can read the full CNET review of the Xbox One X if you need all the details. 

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