The Nintendo Switch may not be as expensive as you feared

According to two leaks, Nintendo's crazy new transforming game console might cost the same as the Nintendo 3DS did at launch.

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Sean Hollister
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Did you think Nintendo's crazy new modular Switch game console would cost a similarly outlandish amount of cash? If two new leaks are correct, it might actually be downright affordable when it ships in March 2017.

Over the weekend, Toys 'R Us Canada may have spilled the beans -- its since-removed listing for the Nintendo Switch (cached) showed a price of $329.99 Canadian dollars, which translates to around US $250, £200 or AU$320.

To put those numbers into perspective, that's pretty close to what Nintendo 3DS handheld cost at launch, even though that handheld didn't turn into a full game console when you stuck it into a dock or come with snap-on wireless controllers. Admittedly, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offer strong competition, since you can buy either for under US $300/£250/AU$400 now.

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While one retailer's website error definitely isn't proof that the Switch will be relatively affordable, the price also lines up with what journalist Laura Dale heard from her sources at retailer Game UK -- which is reportedly planning to price the Nintendo Switch at £199.99, or £249.99 with more internal storage and an included game. That's also not proof, but Dale has a strong track record with Nintendo rumors.

Nintendo didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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