Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge in VR: Actors, details, and a video

Disney's theme park experience gets a VR offshoot this fall, and ILMxLab just showed off a preview trailer.

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Concept art of the cantina you'll visit in VR in Tales from the Galaxy's Edge.


I never got a chance to visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at a Disney park. Even though some Disney parks are open right now, it's not a destination many will be able to opt into. ILMxLab and Oculus' virtual Galaxy's Edge experience in VR launching this fall could be the next best thing. Or, at least, it could be another great VR immersive game to go with Vader Immortal when it arrives on Oculus Quest.

ILMxLab just revealed its first preview trailer for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge, along with more details on what it'll actually be about.

One thing we definitely know: It has actors. Saturday Night Live alum Bobby Moynahan will play the cantina bartender Seezelslak, and Debra Wilson will play Tara Rashin, a member of the Guavian Death Gang, which made its first appearance in The Force Awakens. Moynahan and Wilson have both appeared in previous Star Wars shows and games (Star Wars Resistance and Jedi: Fallen Order). 

The preview video mostly contains interviews and concept art, but it does show a cantina you can explore and play "space darts" in. We also get a glimpse of adventures around Batuu. Concept art from Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge rides is being used to inspire the game design, while the storytelling and gaming style might take a page from Vader Immortal, the excellent (but brief) three-part VR game on Oculus Quest and Rift (and PS4). This game will be a Quest exclusive.


A look at Tara Rashin and the Guavian Death Gang.


"We are excited for fans to have the opportunity to battle evil space pirates, explore Batuu, engage with iconic characters, or just hang out in Seezelslak's cantina and play a relaxing game of Repulsor Darts," Jose Perez III, the director of Tales from Galaxy's Edge, said in a release.

The trailer promises some surprise well-known characters, and at least a cameo appearance by the Millennium Falcon. Also, confirmed: There will be porgs.

How long will the Tales from the Galaxy's Edge experience be, and will it be more replayable than Vader Immortal? These are questions we can't answer yet. But more expertly crafted Star Wars in VR is never a bad thing.