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Sony's PS4 hits a whopping 67.5 million worldwide sales

Sony's latest console is selling twice as fast as the PS3 over the same period.

The PS4 is selling better than the PS3 did over the same period.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Sony is levelling up its PlayStation sales.

Sony's financial results for the second quarter this year, ending Sept. 30, showed that total worldwide shipments for its PlayStation 4 have reached 67.5 million, an increase from the 63.3 million systems the PS4 had shipped in Q1.

This shows that the PS4, now four years into its lifespan, has sold twice as quickly as the PS3. The PS3 by February 2010, roughly four years into its own lifespan, had sold about 33.71 million units. On the other hand, 2000's PS2 had sold 81.39 million units by 2004, making it the fastest selling console of Sony's gaming line. It remains the best-selling gaming console ever, with sales totalling 157.68 million globally.

Despite not hitting the PS2's sales heights, the PS4 still reigns over the Xbox One, which currently sits at 30.97 worldwide shipments. This year's Nintendo Switch also sits beneath the PS4 at 6.25 million sales, while the PS3 has sold more than the PS4, at 86.89 million.

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