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Sony's Project Q PS5 Game Handheld Revealed: What We Know So Far

A large-screened streaming device is coming later this year. It'll play all your PlayStation games in your hands.

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Scott Stein
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A larger-screened game handheld with PlayStation controllers

A PlayStation streaming handheld is coming later this year.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

The PlayStation Vita is long gone, but Sony is making a return to gaming handhelds -- in a sense. At Sony's latest PlayStation gaming showcase on Wednesday, the company teased a surprise new device that should be coming later this year. Called "Project Q," it looks very much like a giant display fused with a DualSense controller.

The handheld, which should play all PlayStation games over Wi-Fi, has an 8-inch HD LCD screen and a controller that Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan promised will have all the features of the DualSense that's standard on the PlayStation 5.

Watch this: PlayStation Announces Project Q Gaming Handheld

The price of this screen-equipped Wi-Fi streaming handheld is unknown, and it's unclear how Sony will position this device. Is it, as a colleague noted, something like a Wii U tablet for the PS5? Is it a home-based local Wi-Fi companion for the console? Can it be used on the go? And can it essentially also double as an everyday DualSense controller with second-screen benefits, like Nintendo's Wii U once did?

According to a source that leaked the news of this handheld originally, the release date could be late November this year.

Streaming handhelds are a definite trend now, with Android devices like Logitech's G Cloud and the Razer Edge. It's unclear how or if Sony's new handheld will work offline at all, but it's clearly being pitched as a second screen and a mobile play option for the PS5. Meanwhile, the Backbone One game controller, which has a PlayStation partnership and works with phones to play PS5 games wirelessly via streaming, just announced an Android-compatible model.


A glimpse of the handheld next to the PS5 for comparison.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony's had a lot of pricey PlayStation 5 accessories debut this year. The PlayStation VR 2, a $550 VR headset that's tethered to the PS5 with a cable, almost seems like an opposite proposition to what Project Q offers. Sony also has the expensive DualSense Edge, a $200 customizable pro controller. 

Sony's second-screen PS5 game handheld does look exciting, though the price isn't known. A screen that large could make games look great and a full-featured controller would make everything feel as responsive, possibly, as playing on the PS5 itself. Maybe, just maybe, Sony might consider a new Vita someday, too?