PlayStation Gets Dedicated Wireless Earbuds Starting at $200

The Pulse Explore will be available later this year.

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Sony Playstation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

Sony has a new set of earbuds coming soon. 


The new handheld PlayStation Portal isn't the only new product we've seen from Sony today. The company has also launched a new pair of audio accessories, including a pair of wireless buds.  

The Pulse Explore is the upcoming wireless earbuds with the PlayStation brand set to launch later this year for $200 (£200 or roughly AU$390). Alongside the Pulse Explore is the Pulse Elite, a wireless headset with a price tag of $150 (£130). 

pulse elite headset

The Pulse Elite will come out with the Pulse Explore.


Both the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore come with AI-enhanced noise-rejection technology that can filter background sounds as well as lossless audio. Since the PS5 doesn't support Bluetooth audio due to possible latency issues, the two audio devices will make use of the PlayStation Link, a new audio technology that supports multiple platforms including the PS5, PC, Mac and the PlayStation Portal. 

You'll need a USB adaptor to connect the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore with the PS5. But the PlayStation Link will allow the devices to stay connected to a phone via Bluetooth. So people playing games on a console will be able to answer a call and still hear the game's audio on the same device. 

Sony didn't provide specific release dates for the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore, but both are expected to come out later this year with the PlayStation Portal. Preorders are coming soon.