Sights and scenes from E3 2010

Must-see sights and events from the press conferences and show floor of E3 2010.

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Dan Ackerman

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LOS ANGELES--The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is a very visually oriented experience, with game companies spending heavily to create compelling show floor experiences to lure in attendees. You'll typically find plenty of costumed characters, giant physical structures that can hardy be called booths, and more flatscreen TVs per square inch than at your average Costco.

We captured some of the most notable sights from the show floor, as well as from the Sony and Nintendo press conferences. Highlights include some caged zombies from Capcom's Dead Rising, Nintendo godfather Shigeru Miyamoto demoing his latest Zelda game, and the most popular man in gaming right now, Sony's fictional VP, Kevin Butler.

Click through the gallery below for a taste of what's going on at E3 2010, and check back later for more photos and video.

Scenes from E3 2010

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