Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection: Mega Drive your iPhone

Don't get to whip out your Sega Mega Drive and relive your childhood as often as you'd like? Open your wallet once more and allow Sega's upcoming iPhone app to deliver your fix

Charles Kloet
2 min read

Nothing warms our cockles like a spot of retro gaming, but, busy as we are, whipping out the old Sega Mega Drive is a lamentably rare occurrence. The Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection iPhone app, which takes its name from the US branding of the venerable gaming great, is due to launch in February and looks to rectify this damnable state of affairs.

Some Sega games of yore are already available on Apple's handset -- we loved Sonic the Hedgehog, for example -- but this will let you buy more games within the app itself, bundling them all up in a marvellous little package. The app is free and will come with one game included -- Space Harrier II. If you want more, you'll have to cough up the readies.

The games currently lined up to be available when the app launches are bona-fide classics Sonic the Hedgehog ($6), Golden Axe ($5), Ecco the Dolphin ($3) and Shining Force ($3). UK prices haven't been announced, but those prices seem steep given that the Sega Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection bundles 40 games together for about £15 on the Xbox or PlayStation 3 -- but then you can't take your console on the bus.

Here at CNET Towers, we're holding out for the release of Road Rash II. If we don't get to cave in at least one person's head with a truncheon while hitting 160mph on a superbike, then the day just feels incomplete. What games would float your retro boat? Let us know in the comments section below.