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Sega Game Gear Micro is retro gaming at its smallest

The incredibly small handhelds are loaded with classic games in celebration of the company's 60th anniversary.


Sega last year released one of our favorite retro consoles, the Genesis Mini, and now it's going even smaller with the Sega Game Gear Micro. Sega showed off the new set of four gaming handhelds on Twitter Wednesday. 

Each device has a collection of classic games including Sonic, OutRun, Shining Force, Puyo Puyotsu and Megami Tensei to celebrate the original Game Gear's 30th anniversary and Sega's 60th anniversary. 

Just how small are they? The screen is just 1.15 inches (240x180 pixels) and it's powered off two AAA-size batteries or a micro-USB port. The main body is less than 40% of the original size, according to the Game Gear Micro's Amazon Japan page. Each color has a different set of games -- you can see all the titles for each on the Rakuten store listing -- and will be available on Oct. 10 individually for 5,478 yen each, which converts to about $50, £40 or AU$75. 


A screen so small you'll need a magnifying lens to play. 


These "playable mascots" will also be available as a collection for 28,512 yen, or approximately $260, AU$380 or £210. 

If you get the whole gang of them, Sega is offering them with a clip-on Big Window fresnel lens so you can actually see what you're doing.