Sean Bean is tired of dying in movies, now he's going to die in a video game

Hitman 2 just roped Sean Bean into being an assassination victim in a video game. Genius!

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Mark Serrels

Sean Bean dies a lot in movies. This is known.

Here's a list of movies that Sean Bean has died in:

The Field

Patriot Games


The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings


The Island

The Hitcher

Black Death

And of course, he died the most worthy of deaths in Game of Thrones, which isn't a movie, but it serves to illustrate the point: Sean Bean dies a lot.

Now he's going to die in a video game. Over and over and over again. In many different creative ways.

Please allow me to explain.
This is a new teaser for the "Elusive Target", a feature in the video game Hitman 2. "Elusive Target " is a time sensitive mission that appears for a specific period of time. As you might expect in a game called "Hitman", the goal is track down and kill specific targets and the "elusive target" is a particularly challenging one.

This time the target is Sean Bean.

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Which is just genius because Hitman is a video game about trying to murder people in the most creative ways possible, which is what Sean Bean's career has been defined by.

Bravo to all involved. Bravo.

Hitman 2 hits stores Nov. 13 and Sean Bean's elusive mission begins on Nov. 20. You'll have 10 days to murder the poor guy. Enjoy.

But the joke's on everyone else. I've been virtually murdering Sean Bean since Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64.