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ROG Delta headphones literally light up your face

The USB-C gaming headphones have programmable RGB lights.

Aloysius Low/CNET

Yeah, your keyboard may light up with rainbow colors, but does your headset? 

ROG is homing in on the LED-lighting trend in gaming peripherals and bringing it to headsets. The ROG Delta headset, announced Monday at Computex in Taipei, will light up your face, literally, with ROG's Aura RGB technology. (That's Republic of Gamers' Aura Red Green Blue lighting technology, for those who are anti-abbreviation.) 

Each headphone is equipped with 16 LEDs, which work together to give you a rainbow flair. Then, if you want to take it out of the house, there's a switch to toggle the lighting off. 

Asus says the signal-to-noise ratio of 127DB, compared the the standard 110-115DB, adds a sonic depth that gives you a better idea of, say, how far away your enemies are for you in PUBG. Are they in the shack next to you, or are they a 10-second sprint away? The Delta aims to let you know with sound.

Plus, the ROG Delta has a native USB-C input. ROG says this is to help you game on all platforms: Most new phones have a USB-C slot, as does the Nintendo Switch. A USB 2.0 converter will come in the box, though. 

Funnily enough, ROG also announced a phone, creatively titled the ROG Phone, which is optimized for gamers.

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