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Razer Atheris travel mouse boasts 350 hours of battery life

Bluetooth? 2.4GHz USB? This mouse has both.

The Razer Atheris, sliding into a backpack.

When Razer introduced the Orochi, its first travel mouse, there was nothing else like it. 

A single high-precision mouse that could wirelessly pair to any Bluetooth laptop for portability, or plug in with a wired USB cable for low latency reliability? Unheard of back in 2009.


The Atheris bears more than a passing resemblance to the Orochi -- but ribbed, and with two side buttons instead of four.


But the just-announced Razer Atheris -- which is roughly the same size and weight as the Orochi -- sounds like it could blow that old mouse out of the water.

According to Razer, the new Atheris will last 350 hours of continuous Bluetooth gaming on a pair of AA batteries -- compared to just 60 hours for the Orochi. 

Better still, there's a tiny removable USB dongle hidden inside the mouse for if you'd rather have low latency 2.4GHz wireless instead. (Razer says it uses the same auto-frequency-hopping tech that lets the Razer Lancehead stay competitive despite wireless interference.)

Mind you, we haven't tried this ambidextrous five-button, 7,200 DPI mouse yet, so we can't say if it's truly up to snuff in terms of performance or ergonomics. It also doesn't have programmable RGB lighting.

But if you want to give Razer the benefit of the doubt, you should find it on sale today at Razer's website for $50 (roughly £40 or AU$65, with official UK and Australian pricing TBA).

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