Pokemon Sleep is Pokemon Go but for bedtime

Go to sleep.

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Nap time.

Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has dreamed up Pokemon Sleep. Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of the Pokemon Company, said Tuesday that Pokemon Sleep will "turn sleeping into entertainment," much in the same way that Pokemon Go turned walking into entertainment.

We're still upset that Jigglypuff isn't the mascot for this. 

The app was unveiled at a Pokemon press conference on Tuesday along with a handful of other games and products. Pokemon Go is inundated with Snorlax at the moment, in celebration of the announcements.

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Watch this: Nintendo unveils sleep tracker, Pokemon Go Plus Plus

Pokemon Sleep is set for release in 2020 and will work with a device Nintendo is calling the Pokemon Go Plus Plus. This is not a joke. It is the real, actual name. The peripheral will help track your sleep and monitor sleep patterns. 

Pokemon Sleep: Everything we know and don't know

The Pokemon Go Plus Plus will also continue (like its predecessor) to be used like a regular Pokemon Go Plus during the day. But will connect to your phone via Bluetooth to send your sleep data through the night. Basically Pokemon Go Plus Plus is adding the type of functionality you tend to get with most smartwatches, and tethering it to a Pokemon video game. Genius.

Pokemon Sleep is being developed by Select Button, which recently worked on the mobile game Pokemon: Magikarp Jump. 

As if we needed more reasons to sleep, now we can literally train Pokemon in our dreams.

Along with Pokemon Sleep, The Pokemon Company also unveiled a follow-up to Pokemon: Detective Pikachu that's coming to Nintendo Switch and a cloud-based service called Pokemon Home that links your phone and Switch so you can grab your Pokemon and chuck them all together.  

Originally published May 28.
Update, May 29: Adds details on other announcements from Pokemon press conference.