Pokemon Go Travel is a new event that will spawn Farfetch'd globally

But before you go crazy trying to catch the leek-wielding birdie, you'll need to help catch 3 billion Pokemon within a week.

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Aloysius Low
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Gotta catch 'em all in the new Pokemon Go Travel event.

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If you could never find the budget to head east to Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan to catch that elusive region-locked Farfetch'd, now's your chance to trigger a special event that will see the Pokemon spawn globally.

Pokemon Go Travel is a new event that's part of a new video series from game creator Niantic that features a group of trainers traveling around the world exploring new sights and sounds as they go about their Pokemon Hunt.

The event starts on Nov. 20 (well, now) and ends six days later on Nov. 26, and requires players from all around the world to help catch 3 billion Pokemon. That's right, 3 billion.

Doing so will see Farfetch'd being spawned outside of its home turf, while those living in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan will get a chance to catch the Australian exclusive Kangaskhan.

To help players achieve the target, Niantic's event will offer milestones with surprisingly great bonuses -- at 500 million Pokemon caught, players will get double XP, increased spawns and lures will go from 30 minutes to 6 hours (which is a heck load, you'll probably run out of Pokeballs first, if anything).

Double stardust and more Pokemons will spawn upon the 1.5 billion milestone, and 3 billion, the above-mentioned Farfetch'd event will trigger, though only for 48 hours, but that should be plenty of time to nab that 100 percent IV Pokemon if you're lucky.

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