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Mobile users spent more time on Pokemon Go than Facebook

New average usage stats have the Pokemon craze racking up more daily user engagement than other popular mobile apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Pokemon Go has surpassed the next milestone in taking over every aspect of your life, with users spending more time on average playing the augmented reality mobile game than in apps for Snapchat, Twitter and even Facebook. The data, putting Pokemon Go at just over 33 minutes of average daily use on Monday, comes from mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

To compare, Facebook's app racked up an average 22 minutes of use, Snapchat drew 18 minutes and Twitter 17 minutes. While people might be Pokemon going crazy for Niantic's new AR game, it was still beat out by Game of War (almost 2 hours daily usage) and Candy Crush Saga (43 minutes).

With Pokemon Go yet to launch in several countries and stability issues keeping it from being truly great, it remains to be seem just how things will shape up for the game in future.

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