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The ultimate guide to everything Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken over your phone, the internet and our lives. Here's everything (and we mean everything) you need to know about the hit game.

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If you've been living under a rock these past few days, there's something you need to know. Last week, Nintendo released a mobile app called Pokemon Go on iOS and Android. The game integrates augmented reality and makes users travel around their local (and sometimes, not-so-local) area to catch small, pocketable monsters. Since its release, Pokemon Go has been a huge hit. Like, number-one-in-the-app-store-internet-and-cultural-phenomenon huge.

But it's not all Ho-Ohs and Butterfrees. The game is catching flack for being able to access users' full Google accounts, and if you download the game outside the Google Play Store, there's a chance you'll get malware instead.

To keep track about what's going on with Pokemon Go, here's an exhaustive (and ever-growing list) of all the news coverage, how-tos and explainers CNET has about the game.

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On what led up to this hit:

On the TL;DR news and basics:

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On how to do practically everything on Pokemon Go (including tips and tricks):

On its growing cultural impact:

On the trouble (and other hijinks) Pokemon players are getting into:

On malware, personal data and other bad stuff:

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On its effect on Nintendo:

On its effect on other tech companies:

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