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Pokemon Go boosts child privacy with new Niantic Kids login

Lock down your kid's permissions and personal info with this parent portal.


Pokemon Go developer Niantic is giving you more control over your child's privacy with a new login platform for kids. 

Niantic Kids Parent Portal adds tools for seeing and approving your kid's permissions and control personal information before playing Pokemon Go and future Niantic games. Developed with kid-safe technology company SuperAwesome, the portal is designed to meet digital privacy guidelines around the world, including COPPA in the US and GDPR-K in Europe, said Niniane Wang, senior director of engineering, on Niantic's blog. It's also kidSAFE Seal and ESRB Privacy certified.

If you're already using the Pokemon Trainer Club to monitor access, there's no need to switch to the new portal. The Trainer Club can still be used to connect to and supervise access to Pokemon Go.

The tech industry continues to face scrutiny of its data privacy practices, especially when it comes to children. In May, two US lawmakers questioned Amazon about its data protections for its Echo Dot Kids Edition. Earlier in the year, privacy and child advocates filed an FTC complaint against YouTube accusing the social video site of gathering data without parental consent. 

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