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PlayStation 5 Is Getting More Expensive in Some Countries

Sony calls the move a "necessity given the current global economic environment."

A white PS5 on a purple background
PlayStation 5 is nearing two years on the market.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

PlayStation 5, the ultra-popular and sometimes hard-to-find gaming console, is getting more expensive across much of the globe, Sony Interactive Entertainment said in a blog post Thursday. 

The price increases will affect the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Canada and Asian and Pacific countries.

"This price increase is a necessity given the current global economic environment," Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, said in the post. Ryan added that the company's top priority is improving the supply chain issues that have made the PS5 difficult to find in stores ever since its debut in November 2020.

The console won't be getting more expensive in the United States, as of now.

The price increases range from about 3% in Canada (20 Canadian dollars) to about 20% in Japan (10,498 yen). Here are the price hikes for consoles with an Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc drive as they've been reported by Sony and others.

  • Europe: increase of €50 to €549.99
  • United Kingdom: increase of £30 to £479.99
  • Japan: increase of 10,498 yen to 60,478 yen
  • China: increase of 400 yuan to 4,299 yuan
  • Australia: increase of  AU$50 (Australian dollars) to AU$799.95
  • Mexico: increase of 1,000 pesos to 14,999 pesos
  • Canada: increase CA$20 (Canadian dollars) to CA$649.99

The PS5 sold its 20 millionth unit by early June. That's despite the pandemic and supply chain shortages. While Sony's previous version of the PlayStation reached that milestone faster, the company still expects PS5 to ultimately sell more. 

Clarification at 8:10 a.m. PT: The peso can also be written as $ with the code MXN.