Nintendo Switch Online's rewind lets you cheat in NES classics

Donkey Kong 3, Wrecking Crew and an SP version of Mighty Bomb Jack came to the subscription service, along with the rewind feature.

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You'll be able to undo your Super Mario Bros. 3 screwups next week.

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You can now undo your mistakes in Nintendo Switch Online's NES classics as the $20-a-year subscription service added a rewind feature along with two new retro games Wednesday. If you want to try something again, you can press and hold ZL and ZR to jump back a few frames and it'll be like your mistake never happened.

The rewind feature is pretty standard in retro rereleases like the SNES Classic miniconsole, and it certainly makes some challenging old school games a bit easier.

Nintendo also added Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew to the selection of NES games you get as part of the service. The former came to the US in 1986, and sees Stanley the exterminator taking on the ape with his trusty bug spray. It's more of a shooter than a platformer, unlike Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Jr.

Wrecking Crew hit the US in 1985 as a NES launch title. It stars Mario, with the hapless and wonderful Luigi joining for two-player, and tasks you with destroying stuff using a hammer.

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The update also added another SP version of an existing game. This time it's Mighty Bomb Jack -- you can now start on round 17, the game's final zone.

Nintendo's releasing a revised Switch with longer battery life in mid-August, and Switch Lite is coming out in September.

First published at July 10 at 4:24 a.m. PT.
Updated at July 18 at 3:55 a.m. PT: Adds details about Mighty Bomb Jack and the revised Switch.

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