Nintendo Switch revision improves battery life for same price

The company says it will last up to nine hours.

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A new Switch is coming with a bigger battery. 

James Martin/CNET

Nintendo of Japan revealed a new Nintendo Switch is on the way and it's not the previously announced Switch Lite. A tweet from the Mario company Wednesday says in August the Switch will come with better battery life. 

The company's tweet links to Nintendo of Japan's page about the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. The new version of the console will have up to nine hours of battery life, more than two hours longer than the current Nintendo Switch battery. Nintendo's US page also shows the revised Nintendo Switch with the longer battery life. It's listed at the same price of $299 and will be out in mid-August. 

Nintendo unveiled the Switch Lite earlier in July. The more portable version of the console is smaller, but can't connect to the TV via HDMI or remove the Joy-Cons. It also has a lower price of $200.

Days after the reveal of the Switch Lite, FCC documents confirmed Nintendo would upgrade the CPU in the original Switch. There were no specifics on whether the upgrade will improve the console's performance. 

Nintendo didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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