Nintendo Switch Online adds surprise to June NES update

TwinBee SP joined Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, City Connection and Volleyball in this month's batch.

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There's a TwinBee SPrise included in June's Nintendo Switch Online.

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Nintendo Switch Online subscribers got a bonus game along with their three NES games this month. The SP version of TwinBee lets you jump straight to a later level, letting you get into the thick of Konami's 1985 vertically-scrolling shooter.

It came along with Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, City Connection and Volleyball as one the June additions to the NES library you get in Switch's $20-a-year subscription service.

The Double Dragon sequel, which came to NES in 1990, sends Billy and Jimmy Lee on a quest for vengeance after Billy's girlfriend Marian is killed by the clearly-evil Shadow Warriors (because violence is always the answer). You can play it in co-op mode with a buddy, presumably doubling the fun.

City Connection was released on NES in the US  in 1988. It's a strange platformer in which you have paint every section of a highway throughout twelve stages -- a bit like Splatoon -- and fling paint cans at pursuing cop cars.

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Volleyball is a simple sports sim in which you serve the ball into play by hitting the same button twice. It came to NES in 1987.

The regular version of TwinBee was added to the service in November, but the SP one throws you straight into the sixth level, as previously reported by Nintendo Life.

We got a look at Nintendo's future in its E3 Direct on Monday, but the company didn't say anything about its plans for Switch Online.

First published on June 5 at 5:01 a.m. PT.
Updated at June 13 at 5:06 a.m. PT: Notes TwinBee SP inclusion.

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