Nintendo sells replacement parts for Labo kits because cardboard doesn't last forever

Nintendo's quirky Labo accessory kits are fun, but they're made out of cardboard. Fortunately, you can buy replacement parts for cheap.

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Nintendo Labo's robot backpack kit in action.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Nintendo Labo is a novel series of accessories that work with the portable Nintendo Switch video game console. Requiring assembly and made out of cardboard, these kits are aimed for kids and can transform your Switch into a robot backpack, piano, motorbike and more. 

But because these kits are made out of cardboard, they aren't the most durable accessories. As such, Nintendo is selling replacements parts online

That means you can buy certain parts (like just the knobs or straps for the robot kit) instead of springing for the whole thing, which can get pricey. The Labo Toy-Con 1 Variety Kit, for instance, costs $70, £60 or AU$100; the Labo Toy-Con 2 Robot Kit costs $80, £70 or AU$120. This is on top of the required Switch console, which currently runs you $299, £279 or AU$469.

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In an interview with CNET, Yoshiyasu Ogasawara, a co-creator of the Switch with several Nintendo patents under his belt, said the team designed the Labo kits so they wouldn't break easily. 

"We tested their resilience to the same action through hundreds and thousands of repetitions, so we expect them to last a long time under normal use," said Ogasawara. "And even if one should happen to break, they are made of cardboard, so they can be mended or even recreated fairly quickly. "

Still, you will have the option to buy replacement parts if needed. The parts start as low as $1.99 for a sticker sheet up to $13.99 for the main body part of the robot kit. You'll find them at the Nintendo Store.

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