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New Halo Infinite gameplay, multiplayer trailer revealed at Microsoft's E3 showcase

Master Chief is back in December 2021.

After a heavily criticized showing in 2020Microsoft went back to the drawing board with its upcoming flagship title Halo Infinite. Now, at its 2021 E3 showcase, Microsoft has revealed a much improved Halo Infinite -- and it's already up for preorder. It's expected to release in December 2021.

We saw new footage showing Master Chief exploring in space after a huge battle, with a mission to find the mysterious third party who prevented his new, helpful AI-who-is-not-Cortana's deletion. Plus, typical running around and killing things on the ground during multiplayer.


Halo Infinite comes out this year.


Halo Infinite has had a rough run in the last few years, including losing director Chris Lee late last year. Some additional reporting suggested the game had endured a difficult development period, which is unfortunately not unusual for games of this scale. But the delay was doubly disappointing, since it was one of the most highly anticipated titles expected to launch with the Xbox Series X in November 2020.

The game is currently being developed by 343 Industries, the development team behind Halo 4 and Halo 5. That team took over the Halo franchise after Bungie left Microsoft to create Destiny.