Microsoft shows off Halo Infinite, biggest game in series, coming this holiday with Xbox Series X

The tech giant promises that this Halo game will feature bigger and more visually intense battles.

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Ian Sherr

Halo has been Microsoft's key franchise since the Xbox launched in 2001.


Microsoft's biggest game is about to get bigger.

The Xbox supersoldier mascot Master Chief will have his biggest outing yet this holiday season, when Halo Infinite launches for the $299 Xbox One and the as-yet-unpriced new Xbox Series X. Microsoft showed a snippet of the hit war-simulation game, set in a future where humans explore space and fight against alien enemies.

Watch this: Microsoft debuts Halo Infinite gameplay

Microsoft said Halo Infinite will include bigger battles, larger vistas and more-complex visual effects than previous games have had as players explore alien worlds.

The Halo world that players explore during the game is twice the size of the worlds Microsoft created for its past two Halo games. "This is the most ambitious campaign we've ever created," said Chris Lee, one of the people heading up development of Halo Infinite.

The announcement was made during Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase, held online July 23. For more information, follow along with CNET and our sister site GameSpot.