Xbox creates a greaseproof controller to celebrate PUBG's full release

Don't fry this at home.

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Get yourself a chicken dinner without the mess.

Xbox Australia

The Adaptive Controller isn't the only new controller Microsoft's Xbox team launched this week. 

As any home console user will tell you, getting dust, filth, grime, grease and what-the-**-is-that? all over your controller makes playing video games too damn hard. Who wants to live in a world where their controllers are always greasy, anyway? 

Not Xbox.

Watch this: Xbox's greaseproof controller isn't exactly greaseproof

PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds reached version 1.0 on Sept. 4, after an extended period in Xbox Game Preview. It's now a "real game" and to celebrate, the Xbox Australia team decided to fix the greasy controller problem so you can acquire as many of PUBG's famed chicken dinners as you like, without stopping to worry about wiping your slimy hands.

They created a limited edition, "greaseproof" controller.

To deter grease and grime, the limited edition controller has been coated in what Xbox Australia describes as "urethane". Fortunately, the urethane coating they refer to is polyurethane -- the material that makes up plastics, sponges and sealants -- and not the urethane used as an animal anaesthetic. It was developed in conjunction with ColorWare.

We're told it will keep your controller grease, sauce or seasoning free. However, although it may be resilient to delicious chicken dinners, the disclaimer does suggest it isn't waterproof or water resistant. 

Sadly, there's one big catch -- they are really limited and you can't buy them in a store.

Only 200 of the chicken-grease-resistant controllers have been made and shipped around the world. In Australia, only 10 will be distributed and if you want one, you'll need to head to Xbox's Facebook page. Other territories are likely to follow suit, but as of yet, we're unsure of the finer details -- so it's best to keep an eye on Xbox's various social channels.

Here's hoping a greaseproof coating becomes standard though, because I, for one, don't have the time to delicately wipe my hands during PUBG rounds. 

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