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Microsoft Flight Simulator's physical edition will include 10 discs

The old-school package will also contain a printed manual.

If you like DVDs, the physical edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the one for you.

When Microsoft Flight Simulator hits PCs on Aug. 18, European gamers who want to go old-school will have a few chunky physical options that include 10 discs, as previously reported by IGN.

"Including 10 (!) double-layer DVD's and a printed manual in a spectacular box, it is an ideal way of entering the new age of flight simulation," Mathijs Kok, a forum administrator for Microsoft's retail partner Aerosoft, wrote in a forum post.

The boxed versions -- the standard version costs 70 euros and the Premium Deluxe is 130 euros in Europe -- will start shipping around Aug. 21.

The 10 discs are mostly taken up by game's world and aircraft, which weigh in at 90GB. The simulator code itself is "pretty small in size," Kok noted. The boxed version is probably best for people with slower internet connections, since it'll let them install the game without a massive download.

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In terms of digital options, the $60 standard edition includes 20 planes and 30 airports, the $90 deluxe option has five more planes and airports, while the $120 premium deluxe version has another five of each.

As for hardware requirements, you'll need a Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X or Intel i7-9800X CPUs paired with high-end AMD Radeon VII and Nvidia RTX 2080 GPUs with at least 8GB of VRAM, 32GB of RAM, 150GB of storage and a 50Mbps connection for the best visuals.