Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Steam. Here's how to preorder

The hotly anticipated plane game will arrive Aug. 18, and VR support will come later in 2020.

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David Priest

Microsoft's Flight Simulator game has been gaining interest since it was announced in June of last year, and it's nearly here. Microsoft on Thursday revealed that, in addition to coming to Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass for PC, the game will also launch on online platform Steam on Aug. 18. 

Preorders for the game on Steam also kicked off on Thursday. The game starts at $60 for the standard edition, and goes up to $90 for the deluxe bundle and $120 for the premium deluxe bundle. The standard game includes 20 planes and 30 airports, while the deluxe option has five more planes and airports and the premium deluxe version has another five of each.

Microsoft also announced that VR, which it said is one of the most requested features, will come to the game later in 2020, along with a slew of post-release plane and world updates and DLC.

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And yes, if you have a slow online service provider, you can always track down the physical edition of Flight Simulator that will be released in some territories.

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