Nintendo Switch's Mario Strikers Adds Daisy and More in Its First Free Update

Two new playable characters join the Switch sports game.

Kevin Knezevic Former staff writer
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Kevin Knezevic
Daisy standing with Waluigi, Luigi, and Peach

Daisy makes her Mario Strikers: Battle League debut on July 21.


Nintendo's latest Switch sports game, Mario Strikers: Battle League, has gotten its first post-launch update. The version 1.1.0 update is now live and adds new characters, a new stadium, and other content to the title.

First, two new playable characters have joined the roster: Daisy and Shy Guy. The princess boasts a high technique stat that prevents her from being knocked down by opponents, while Shy Guy is a well-rounded character who can be tweaked as needed with gear.

In addition to the new playable characters, the update has introduced a new stadium, Desert Ruin, as well as knight equipment. This gear increases a character's strength and shooting at the expense of speed and technique. You can get a glimpse of the new content in the trailer below.

Nintendo says two more free Mario Strikers updates are slated to arrive before the end of 2022. These will likewise introduce new playable characters, stadiums, and gear, but no specifics have been announced yet.

Mario Strikers isn't the only Switch game receiving ongoing support this year. Nintendo will also be releasing more tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as part of the Booster Course Pass. The first wave of tracks arrived back in March, with five more waves slated to follow through the end of 2023.