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Hori's GameCube-style controllers are made directly for the Switch

The controllers have extra buttons and won't need an adapter.

While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will support Nintendo Gamecube controllers using an adapter, Hori is releasing GameCube-style controllers that will connect directly to the Nintendo Switch.

The company revealed Mario, Pikachu and Zelda-themed controllers on Tuesday, which connect to the Switch via USB and have extra buttons that account for the ZL, Home, + and - buttons that aren't on the standard GameCube controller. A programmable button is also on the controller.

The main cons to the controller are that it's wired and won't have motion controls, HD rumble, an IR sensor or NFC.

International availability is also not yet known. Hori said the controllers are coming to Japan in October and will cost ¥2,980, which roughly converts to $25, £20 and AU$35.

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