Hitman developer IO Interactive is making a James Bond game

From Agent 47 to Agent 007, the video game developer behind one of the best stealth franchises in recent memory is taking on a much bigger property.

David Priest Former editor
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David Priest
IO Interactive

Video game developer IO Interactive, known for its recent, critically lauded Hitman stealth games, has announced its next project: a James Bond origin story called "Project 007." No release date was included in the announcement trailer or on IO's website.

The popular Hitman games on PS4 have represented a slight break with more traditional stealth games, featuring short missions in open, highly interactive environments, such as parties and the finish lines of races. Whether this structure will be used in Project 007 remains unclear, though fans online already seem to think it would be a natural fit.

James Bond video games, by contrast, have faced a rocky road in recent years. Despite early 007 games like Goldeneye achieving popular and critical acclaim, the most recent outings for the secret agent have been disastrous.

Project 007 will be the first major James Bond game in nearly a decade, depending on when it launches.

IO Interactive's teaser trailer for Project 007 is below.

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