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Fortnite's High Stakes update brings limited-time Getaway game mode

Stop building and start stealing.

Epic Games

After a tease Friday at the Penny Arcade Expo Friday, Epic Games has officially unveiled its new Fortnite: Battle Royale game mode: The Getaway. It launches Wednesday, and pits squads against each other as they search for one of four safes on the Fortnite map, steal the jewel it contains and make their getaway in an escape van as other squads try to hunt them down. The first squad that gets the jewel to their van successfully wins the game.Β 

Epic Games frequently updates Fortnite with new skins, weapons, gameplay tweaks and giant cubes, and Fortnite players are by now accustomed to seeing game modes recycled from the past. But The Getaway is a bigger departure from the standard Fortnite formula than recent limited-time events.

Along with the new limited-time game mode, Epic Games teased new Wild Card outfits, a new Safe Cracker glider, and other heist-themed items that will become available in the store Wednesday.

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