Fortnite season 10 challenges and where to find Bat Signals, telescopes

The island needs to know that Batman is here.

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Fortnite Bat Signal

Bat Signals are now found all over the island. 

Epic Games

Developer Epic Games has changed how challenges work in Fortnite season 10, aka season X. Instead of daily challenges, there are Limited Time Mission Objectives that unlock a new objective every day. Weekly challenges are now simply the Battle Pass Missions, which, as the name states, are available for season 10 Battle Pass owners. Completing missions will unlock additional content and earn Battle Stars to reach tier 100 on the pass. 

Another big change in  Fortnite's  new season is the inclusion of Prestige missions. Once a set of challenges is completed, players can choose to redo the tasks. Each mission will consist of a similar requirement, though at a higher difficulty. 

Welcome to Gotham City challenges

Fortnite Gotham City challenges

The challenges for the Fortnite X Batman crossover. 

Epic Games

Fortnite X Batman started Saturday and has its own set of Batman-themed challenges that are available until Oct. 1. The reward for completing all the tasks is the Catwoman glider. 

Deal 250 damage to opponents with an Explosive Batarang

Explosive Batarangs are one of the two new items available during the Fortnite X Batman event. Batarangs can be found all across the island and act as grenades. Find some and throw them at other players to rack up the damage for this task. 

Light up three different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City

Fortnite Bat Signal

Bat Signals are now found all over the island. 

Epic Games

Players can visit the mini-Gotham City to see an activated Bat Signal, but for this challenge, they'll need to find the other signals found outside of the new zone. Get close to one to see the activation prompt and activate three to complete the challenge. See the map below on where to find them. 

Fortnite bat signal map

Where to find the Bat Signals. 

Epic Games

Use a Batman Grapnel Gun in three different matches

Like the Explosive Batarang, the Grapnel Gun is found across the map during this event. Batman's trademark item will zip players to whatever spot the grappling hook connects to. 

Defuse Joker gas canisters found in three different named locations

It wouldn't be a proper Batman crossover without the Joker. Gas canisters decorated by the Joker are found in the various points of interest on the island. Keep your ears open for the beeping that lets you know one is nearby. 

Deal any damage to opponents within 30 seconds of using a Batman Grapnel Gun

A simple task. Use the Grapnel Gun and make sure to take a shot at any players nearby. 

Light a Bat Signal, use a Batman Grapnel Gun and deal any damage with an Explosive Batarang

Another straightforward challenge. The only difficult part is to get both the Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang in a match, since they're hard-to-find items. 

Storm Racers challenges

Gain 100 health in the Storm

In a match, the Storm Circle shrinks and staying in the storm will result in a set amount of damage. It's a minimal at first but increases dramatically later in the match, making any time in the Storm a sure way to get eliminated. For this challenge, use various healing items in the Storm earlier in the match. The ideal way is to wait for the Storm Circle to close in the first time and then stay on the perimeter of the circle, walk into the Storm, use the healing item then quickly run out of the Storm. 

Complete a lap of a race track

Fortnite desert race track

The desert race track in Paradise Palms for Fortnite season 10, week 8 challenge. 

Epic Games

There are three race tracks on the island. One in Paradise Palms, one to the east of Junk Junction and another to the northwest of Happy Hamlet. Each track has a vehicle at the starting line. Jump in, wait for the countdown and go to finish the race. 

Fortnite race track map

The location of the three race tracks in Fortnite.

Epic Games

Survive 10 Storm phases 

As mentioned earlier, the Storm Circle closes in throughout the match. There are 10 phases in each map, which means for this challenge, players will have to survive to the end of the match. You don't have to win, but the match will have to go long enough for the Storm to complete all of its phases.

Visit the center of a Storm Circle

Later in the match, the center of the storm will be indicated on the map. Head there to complete this challenge. 

Land on Polar Peak, a Volcano and a hilltop with a circle of trees

Fortnite circle of trees

The circle of trees for the Fortnite season 10, week 8 challenge. 

Epic Games

Two of the three locations for this challenge are easy to find, but it's the third that isn't so obvious. The circle of trees is a specific spot found south of Pleasant Park. You'll be able to see them easily as the trees have yellow-ish leaves instead of the green trees usually found on the island. 

Complete a time trial East of Pleasant Park or South West of Salty Springs

The time trials were added in Fortnite season 5. These are basically obstacle courses that are found near two cars with ATVs on a trailer along with multiple Driftboards. Get on a Driftboard or ATV and grab the blue stopwatch nearby to get the trial started. 

Dance at 3 different telescopes 

There are three telescopes on the island. Find one and dance next to it to finish this challenge. Check the map below on where to find them. 

Fortnite Telescope map

Map of where to find the telescopes on the island. 

Epic Games

Storm Racers prestige challenges

Damage an opponent in the Storm

As the Storm Circle closes in, some players are a little late to beat it and end up in the Storm. It's these players that you'll need to attack in order to complete this challenge. This works best in the first phase since players tend to be less frantic early in the match  and will not move so quickly out of the Storm. 

Deal 100 damage to gliding opponents 

There are two ways to accomplish this task. One is to land quickly near a weapon and immediately start shooting at other players who are still trying to land. The other is later in the match when players are building more and tend to have various items that fly them into the air. Once in the air, they can pull out their gliders and make themselves a slow-moving target for this challenge.

Deal 500 damage to opponents after the first circle closes

This is a straightforward task. After the first Storm phase, just continue to damage opponents to reach the 500 damage mark. 

Visit the center of storm circles 3 times in a single match 

As mentioned previously, the center of the Storm will appear on the map. Later in the match, however, the center will shift. Last long enough and continue to move to the center of the storm to complete this task. 

Deal any amount of fall damage to an opponent

This is a tricky challenge because fall damage is not easy to inflict on an opponent. The only way for this to happen is to destroy another player's structure and then they have to fall from a certain height to take damage. Explosive weapons and grenades will help destroy a fort quickly, but you'll need to hit the right spot for all of it to come crashing down. 

Complete a time trial North of Lucky Landing or East of Snobby Shores

Like above, head to the time trial near Lucky Landing and Snobby Shores to complete this challenge. 

Dance at 2 different telescopes in a single match

Fortnite Telescope

One of the telescopes with the perfect view of the frozen meteor. 

Epic Games

Use the telescope map to figure out what will work best depending on your landing spot. The telescope near Shifty Shafts and the other next to Dusty Depot are the two closest to one another. 

Gothic challenges

Fortnite Gothic challenges

Fortnite Gothic challenges for week 8.

Epic Games

These missions will unlock over the course of the next seven days. Each day will have a new mission to complete. Rewards for completing these tasks include experience points, Battle Stars and a loading screen that hints to a hidden Battle Star. 

  • Deal 500 damage to opponents in a single match 
  • Land at Salty Springs or Junk Junction in 3 different matches
  • 2 suppressed weapon Eliminations
  • Search Ammo Boxed in 3 different named locations in a single match
  • Search 7 Chests at Hot Spots
  • Visit Retail Row and The Block in the same match 
  • Deal 500 damage with SMGs to opponents

Secret Battle Stars

Rewards for completing challenges include new loading screens that offer a hint to a hidden Battle Star located somewhere on the island. These stars won't appear unless you've completed all the challenges for the week. 

Fortnite Week 1 loading screen

The loading screen for Fortnite season 10, week 1

Epic Games

The hint in this screen is the scratching above the character's head, which shows D2, D3, E2, E3. This represents a particular spot on the map, which is to the southeast of the Block. Look for a patch of dirt on a hill, and if you've completed all of the challenges for week 1, the hidden Battle Star will appear. 

Fortnite battle star week 1

Where to find the season 10, week 1 Battle Star

Epic Games

The week 2 loading screen's hint is in the top left of the image. The knife and fork represent the holes in the ground with similar shapes found between Fatal Fields and Salty Springs. The hidden Battle Star is between the two holes and will appear once all of the week 2 challenges are done. 

Fortnite week 2 loading screen

The loading screen for week 2 of Fortnite season 10

Epic Games
Fortnite week 2 battle star

Where to find the hidden Battle Star for week 2

Epic Games

Week 3's loading screen features the Leftovers, and the secret to finding this Battle Star is the bus in the background. 

Fortnite season 10 week 3 loading screen

The week 3 loading screen

Epic Games

On the truck is the mascot of the Softdeez ice cream shop. The shop is found across the street from the racetrack in Paradise Palms. If you completed all the challenges, the star will appear. 

Fortnite week 3 battle star map

Where to search to find the week 3 Battle Star

Epic Games

The clue in the week 4 loading screen is a little hard to see unless you increase the size of the image. 

Fortnite week 4 loading screen

Look at the stone tablet for the location of the loading screen. 

Epic Games

The stone at the right corner of the image shows four coordinates: I2, I3, J2 and J3. This spot is to the northeast of Sunny Steps. Walking to that location with all of the week's challenges completed will trigger the appearance of the hidden Battle Star. 

Fortnite week 4 map

Where to go to find the week 4 Battle Star

Epic Games

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Update, Sept. 21: Adds Gotham City challenges.