Fortnite season 10 challenges and where to find rifts, cube memorials

The rifts are back.

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Fortnite memorial cube

One of the two memorial cubes found on the island

Epic Games

Developer Epic Games has changed how challenges work in Fortnite season 10, aka season X. Instead of weekly challenges, there are sets of Limited Time Mission Objectives. Each set has a particular theme and is unlocked after a certain amount of time or when previous missions are completed. These objectives are available only to season 10 Battle Pass owners. Completing missions will unlock additional content and earn Battle Stars to reach tier 100 on the pass.

In the multiplayer online game, you parachute onto an island and use various weapons to eliminate opponents in a last-person-standing scenario. The massively popular game has attracted players with live events like virtual concerts and special limited-time game modes. 

Another big change in Fortnite's new season is the inclusion of Prestige missions. Once a set of challenges is completed, players can choose to redo the tasks. Each mission will consist of a similar requirement, though at a higher difficulty. Completing missions will unlock additional content and earn Battle Stars to reach tier 100 on the pass.

Worlds Collide missions

Fortnite worlds collide missions

The Worlds Collide missions for Fortnite season 10

Epic Games

Use a rift

Veteran Fortnite players will remember the rifts from season 5. They are crystal-looking tears on the island that transport players into the sky. Rifts recently reappeared in season 10 after the rift beacons showed up transforming Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. There are four on the island with the fifth being the singularity located in Loot Lake. Only one is needed for this challenge. Check the map below for their locations.

Fortnite rifts map

A map of the rifts on the island

Epic Games

Where to find a rift zone

Rift zones are new in Fortnite season 10 and are part of the season's storyline. So far this season there are two zones: Tilted Town, formerly Neo Tilted, and Retail Row, formerly Mega Mall. Just visit one to complete this challenge. 

Deal 200 damage at Viking Village or Loot Lake

This challenge says players can visit either location to deal damage to opponents but a tweet from Epic on Thursday says there's an issue with tracking damage at Loot Lake. Head to Viking Village for this mission and head to the mountaintop to have the damage dealt count. 

Fortnite memorial cube

One of the two memorial cubes found on the island

Epic Games

Visit a memorial cube in the desert or lake

This mission is another reference for veteran players. Fortnite season 6 had a mysterious giant cube -- nicknamed Kevin by the players -- that traveled from Paradise Palms to Loot Lake. Recently, two memorials to the cubes showed up where the cube started and ended its journey. See the map below for the two spots. Only one is needed for this mission. 

Fortnite cube memorial

Map of the two cube memorials. 

Epic Games

Eliminate 3 opponents in the desert

For this mission, just visit Paradise Palms and find players to take out. It's a large space with plenty of places to find weapons. A good place to check is the desert locations from the previous challenges. 

Search 3 chests at Loot Lake

A straightforward challenge. Visit Loot Lake and find some chests. It's best to land here at the start of the match rather than going later. 

Consume 10 foraged mushrooms

Mushrooms are scattered across the northwest part of the island and a few other sports. Consuming one will increase your shields by five. Search around Pleasant Park, Haunted Hills and Junk Junction. 

Worlds Collide prestige missions

Visit 4 rifts

For this mission, you'll need to visit all four rifts. Use the map above to see where they are located. 

Search 5 chests in rift zones

Players will need to either visit Tilted Town or Retail Row for this mission. Between the two, Retail Row will be a bit more crowded since it's newer, but you can build to help protect yourself. Tilted Town, on the other hand, may have fewer people but some chests are not easily accessible since you can't build ramps to reach them. 

Eliminate 3 opponents at Viking Village or Loot Lake

Either location will work for this mission. Loot Lake may have more targets to eliminate considering there's more to points of interest for players. 

Visit a memorial cube in the desert and lake

As previously mentioned, there are two memorial cubes, and players will have to visit both to complete this challenge. 

Eliminate 4 opponents at Paradise Palms or Fatal Fields

Not much different than the regular mission. Paradise Palms is a bigger place meaning there are likely more players to eliminate. 

Search 7 chests at Lucky Landing or Loot Lake

As the case with the regular version of this mission, visit either location early in a match to have a better chance to find chests. 

Consume 5 foraged mushrooms in a single match

Mushrooms in the northwest are plentiful so finding five in one match will be a simple task. 

The Leftovers challenges

Fornite the leftovers

The Leftovers challenges for Fortnite season 10

Epic Games

These challenges will unlock over the course of the next seven days. Each day will have a new mission to complete. Rewards for completing these tasks include experience points, Battle Stars and a loading screen that hints to a hidden Battle Star. 

  • Deal 250 damage with explosive weapons to opponents
  • 5 Shotgun Eliminations
  • Eliminate 20 members of the Horde at Retail Row
  • Outlast 150 opponents in Duos or Squads mode
  • Use a throwable item in 3 different matches
  • Visit Paradise Palms and Lucky Landing in the same match
  • Search 7 chests at Salty Springs or Frosty Flights

Secret Battle Stars

Rewards for completing challenges include new loading screens that offer a hint to a hidden Battle Star located somewhere on the island. These stars will not appear unless you've completed all of the challenges for the week. 

Fortnite Week 1 loading screen

The loading screen for Fortnite season 10, week 1

Epic Games

The hint in this screen is the scratching above the character's head, which are D2, D3, E2, E3. This represents a particular spot on the map, which is to the southeast from The Block. Look for a patch of dirt on a hill, and if you've completed all of the challenges for week 1, the hidden Battle Star will appear. 

Fortnite battle star week 1

Where to find the season 10, week 1 Battle Star

Epic Games

The week 2 loading screen's hint is in the top left of the image. The knife and fork represent the holes in the ground with similar shapes found between Fatal Fields and Salty Springs. The hidden Battle Star is between the two holes and will appear once all of the week 2 challenges are done. 

Fortnite week 2 loading screen

The loading screen for week 2 of Fortnite season 

Epic Games
Fortnite week 2 battle star

Where to find the hidden Battle Star for week 2

Epic Games

Week 1 Challenges

Week 2 Challenges

Fortnite is available on PS4, Nintendo SwitchXbox OnePC and Android and iOS devices.