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Fortnite now has jetpacks... and everyone is dying

They're not *quite* as easy to control as you might think.

Jason Pepper/CNET

Fortnite seems to have something new just about every week, but the item that's long been rumored to be added to the multiplayer arena shooter has finally launched... literally. Starting Tuesday, Fortnite has jetpacks.

Now, when you drop in on the island, there's a chance you could find one of the fabled jetpacks. But don't let that make you think it's an automatic Victory Royale: People are finding out flying ain't easy.

Perhaps jetpacks would be easier to control (and probably overpowered) if you could fly at will, but instead they overheat after a short period of time, forcing you to choose your landings wisely, or fall to your death.Β 

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A bunch of players have been sharing their experiences on Twitter, and while some had success, others... not so much.

Popular streamer Ninja got his first big air:

It seems to be a common ending to most players' maiden flights:

Others took to the air with more success:

After a few tries, I finally found a jetpack, but I was way to excited and well...I died too: