Fortnite season 4 is here and it's literally a blast

The meteors have struck our little island. And even though predictions were off on where, there's plenty new to check out in the latest update.

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Jason Parker
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The Fortnite Season 4 opening cinematic left me with one question: Why didn't the meteor hit Tilted Towers?!?!

That's right, the big meteor struck the island in Fortnite, but instead of the overpopulated city being blown to bits like I hoped, Dusty Depot has now been reduced to Dusty Divot. 

Epic Games didn't stop with the main event, though, which is part of the reason this game remains so popular. There's a new named area to land in the northeast part of the map along with several meteor hits around the island to explore. Also, with a new season comes a new Battlepass, new skins and other new content.


If you look to the right of my character, you can see that Dusty Depot is mostly gone.

Fortnite/Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

First things first, as I said, Dusty Depot is mostly no more. If you fly in, be warned that I saw about 30 other players landing with me and I died shortly after when I tried to have a look. 

Don't worry about Dusty Depot too much -- at least one of three hangars is still there, though somewhat dilapidated. Instead, there's a huge crater with a science facility in the middle (making it still a good place to drop and grab loot). You'll also find strange rocks littered about the main crater and several other smaller ones around the island. 

At this point, I can tell you that by consuming the glowing rocks, you get a temporary super jump, but there may be more uses I haven't discovered yet.


Risky Reels has a blown-out movie screen, a crater full of meteorites and plenty of loot.

Fortnite/Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

There's also another new area in the northeast called Risky Reels. After seeing it only a couple of times, it seems to be a movie studio/drive-in theater. It definitely gives people a reason to land in this otherwise desolate part of the map. But if I'm being honest I'm a little disappointed they added a named area to one of my favorite out-of-the-way places to drop. 

Along with the major map changes, we get seasonal changes we've come to expect. The Season 4 Battlepass is now live, which means you can fork over $9.99 to make sure you start earning rewards as you complete in-game challenges. Browsing through the rewards, I saw a few great skins, new contrails for when you drop in and new sprays so you can leave your mark around the map. 


If you get the Season 4 Battlepass, you automatically get this superhero-themed skin, along with another commando skin.

Fortnite/Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

The superhero-themed content that people have been talking about is also front and center if you buy the Battlepass. You'll get a free superhero skin right at the beginning, with more to earn in Battlepass rewards. 

In other words, once again Epic has released another major update to Fortnite that will bring people back for more. I'll keep you updated on the new stuff I find as I get more time to play!