Fortnite has been downloaded to almost half of all Switches worldwide

Nintendo's financial report also reveals that the company has sold 22.86 million Switch consoles.

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Switch gamers have leapt into Fortnite since June's surprise launch of the Switch version of the game, Nintendo noted Wednesday in its quarterly financial report.

The report doesn't offer specific download figures for the game, but it says Fortnite has been downloaded to "nearly half of all Nintendo Switch systems worldwide." It also says 22.86 million Switches have been sold since the March 2017 launch of the hybrid console, so with that in mind, we can probably put the download figure somewhere near 10 million.

The sales numbers for the Switch crush those of Nintendo's previous system -- only 13.56 million Wii Us were sold (its lifetime ran from 2012-2017). The Switch has also beaten the GameCube, which sold 21.74 million during its lifetime (2002-2007), Nintendo Life noted.

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Nintendo's quarterly report also revealed that Pokemon fans are going all-in for the Let's Go games, with more than half of preorders being for the versions with the Poke Ball Plus accessory. That costs $100, while the game on its own is $60.

Nostalgia remains a powerful force for Nintendo too. It noted that combined global sales of the NES Classic (which came out in September 2016) and the SNES Classic (which launched in September 2017) have topped 10 million units.

The company will stream its final Nintendo Direct broadcast for its upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Thursday. Anticipation for that game's Dec. 7 release will no doubt sell a few more Switches ahead of the holiday season.

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