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Fortnite adds helicopters for your squad

Insert your "get to the choppa" joke here.

Fortnite helicopter
Fly around the island in style.
Epic Games

Fortnite added a new vehicle to help players travel across the island quickly. Instead of driving a boat or car, a squad can now fly to safety and victory -- just as long as they don't get shot down from below. 

Helicopters made their way to Fortnite in Tuesday's v12.20 update. Called the Choppa, the helicopter can be found at one of the eight helipads on the island. One player flies it while the others riding can take a defensive position and shoot targets while in air, however, players can only disembark when the Choppa has landed. This makes landing a precarious position as it can leave a team defenseless for a moment. 

The v12.20 didn't have many changes to the game, but there was something new on the island. The Oil Rig located just off the southwest coast has been destroyed and can be seen on the updated in-game map.

This is likely the start of some season-ending event involving the new points of interest added with Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2